XTB & SecurionPay Join Forces to Improve Forex Trading

SecurionPay extends services to forex and partners with XTB

X-Trade Brokers Brokerage House, a world leader in FX and CFD trading publicly listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, has teamed up with SecurionPay, a Swiss-based payment platform for global card payments processing.

SecurionPay has quickly become a partner of choice for many European businesses within various industries and has now opened its platform to forex as well. XTB chose the Swiss platform as their payment partner for its versatile APIs and unique technological solutions that meet XTB’s fast-growing business needs and global presence.

With more than 14 years of experience, XTB allows their clients to trade with confidence. With this strategic partnership, the brokerage house takes a leap forward in delivering its clients fast, secure and convenient payment possibilities.

We’ve been looking for a solution with top-notch technology that will make us stay out from the crowd and the partnership with SecurionPay neatly ties back to our vision of delivering a seamless user experience, says Director of XTB International Michal Sobczyk. We see SecurionPay as our strategic partner because of their technology that answer all our needs. As the leading brokerage house, we wanted to put in place innovative solutions and service excellence. SecurionPay has it all.

Under this agreement, SecurionPay with its unrivaled experience on the high-risk market will be delivering conversion-increasing payment solutions. The partnership combines the strengths of both companies to meet an ever-increasing demand for secure financial operations in this industry. As a result, a forex company can deliver uninterrupted payments to their customers and monitor each transaction in real time.

We’re thrilled to formalize our partnership with XTB, sharing advanced technologies and complementary competencies. The integration of our systems enables our new partner to create a unique experience for all XTB clients. They will see a real difference, says SecurionPay CEO Lucas Jankowiak.

SecurionPay’s solution gives forex companies full control over the development process and their transactions. They can see all the payment details in real time, so they can react immediately if something unexpected occurs. All this with the most advanced security systems. The payment platform makes it easy to expand activities to other markets by allowing businesses to conduct operations in 160 currencies.

X-Trade Brokers was also looking for a solution that adopts the security mindset. SecurionPay, with its potential to revolutionize the payments market, offers anti-fraud tools, non-invasive 3D Secure, built-in machine learning capabilities to detect fraud, and fraud patterns that mark charges as fraudulent or suspicious as soon as they are made.

We understand that there’s a huge number of transactions in (the) forex industry, so while meeting all PCI level 1 standards, we offer a technologically advanced solution that helps to minimize card fraud, explains Jankowiak.

The foreign exchange market is the largest and fast-growing sector with payment operations across borders. The value of transactions processed each day all over the globe is rising exponentially so the entire process needs to be as simple and secure as possible.

By choosing SecurionPay, we could avoid mounds of paperwork to get started, so the onboarding process was at the speed we needed. Its breakthrough technology that truly mirrors the world in which we operate enables us to connect with customers faster. Since the partnership went live in July this year, we can see an impressive difference in credit and debit card acceptance, says Sobczyk.

SecurionPay enables its clients to combine various billing models and create payment scenarios that fit their needs as much as possible. A payment platform focuses mostly on the technology and user experience, so SecurionPay expands its solution to help partners hit those goals.

Our technology allows XTB and other clients to process an infinite number of transactions. There are no delays, redirections or interruptions in payments, and everything can be done smoothly in seconds. We are expanding the solution with many features to give clients new paths for revenue development and help them grow at double-digit rates, sums up Jankowiak.

The collaboration is a step forward for both SecurionPay and XTB in the midst of companies aiming to bring continuous innovation to deliver the best-in-class trading experience and establish long-term relationships with clients.

About SecurionPay

Established in Switzerland in 2014, SecurionPay is an online and mobile payment platform focused on security, conversions and user experience. Its set of APIs gives merchants full control over the development process and makes it possible to implement any payment scenario online businesses need. This makes SecurionPay one of, if not the most flexible payment solution on the market.

With years of experience in payments, banking, and IT, the company provides the most technologically advanced platform of its kind.