Y Combinator Backed OrderAhead Lets you Pay for Stuff Beforehand, Raised $2.5 Mn

OrderAhead was Co-Founded in August 2011 by Henry Lee and Jeffrey Byun (CEO). The company has received a total funding of $2.5Mn through investors Y Combinator, Adam D’Angelo, Matrix Partners, Menlo Ventures, Ignition Partners, CrunchFund, SV Angel and Alexis Ohanian.

OrderAhead says that it is the easiest way to order from local merchants on your phone. It is a free platform that connects local restaurants to customers who want to place a food order without actually talking on the phone. The platform stores users’ credit card information to complete purchases.

  • Once you open the app, you are provided with an alphabetical list of nearby fast-food restaurants.
  • Once you find what you're looking for, you can peruse the menu, choose your options (would you like pickle or cole slaw?), and make notes (No olives, please!).
  • Then you can choose when you'd like to pick up your items, and you're good to go.
  • The entire process is quick, and there is an information page for each restaurant that shows hours, location, phone number, and mapping information.
  • You basically have to connect your credit card, order the food you want to eat at a later point, then pick up the food with your name and phone number.

OrderAhead does not charge the customer any fee for using its application. They take a commission on every order that they send to the merchant. If there is an order if $100, the company will take a cut but the end user always sees the same price according to them.

Initially, OrderAhead began with only an iOS app. However, the company released an Android version of its app in 2013, due to popular demand from users. We’ve had thousands and thousands of requests, it’s been by far the number-one requested things by our users. We’ve also gotten a ton of emails from users saying I switched from iPhone to Android and I still want to use OrderAhead, said CEO Jeffrey Byun. The drum beat from users has been incessant in the past six to nine months. If you think about it, OrderAhead is a platform. We’re building a service to reach as many users as possible, regardless of if they’re on Android.