Year Old Secret Exposed: First Data Acquired Clover And Releases A Surprising POS System.

A Story About The Dedication Of VCs Like Andreessen Horowitz And The Little Company That Is Now Helping A Very Big Company

In my view Clover is the little startup that had really great talent but not the right story to be attractive to most Venture Capitalists and a vast majority of Tech writers. Ah but this did not stop the really great minds at Sutter Hill Investments and Andreessen Horowitz, quite early on they saw the promise of Clover and some of the really great technical talent they had and, invested. This investment paid off in a major way. As the payments market became over crowded and the noise level became too high for anything but a few companies, Clover got lost in the shuffle. But someone took notice.

Clover + First Data = Clover Station

Today it was made public that Clover was very quietly acquired by the most massive payment company on the planet, First Data. I have known of this relationship for quite some time but could not could not acknowledge it and saw early examples of what was announced today.

John Beatty, Clover co-founder and co-president and his team has expertly guided Clover through a number of identity changes. John has assembled a very talented group of artists and artisans. But in today’s announcement was something quite interesting a surpassingly beautiful designed POS system, that has been brilliantly guided by the very talented Annie Lausier (also a Quora admin, multitasking!). Called the Clover Station it is a dedicated Point Of Sale system based on a built-in and secured version of Android wrapped in a distinctive case that also comes with a matching receipt printer, cash drawer and barcode reader.

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