YES.TAP, Bringing Sustainability Through Highly Contextual Digital Experiences

YES.TAP is a prominent innovator in mobile, contactless, and cloud technology. The founding engineers bring their vast experience from companies like, BlackBerry, and Xtreme Labs. With the goal to bring new mobile innovation and highly contextual digital experiences to businesses, YES.TAP aims to make ordering and payment services quicker, simpler, and more engaging for consumers and merchants all around the world.

YES.TAP & B&DC – a Use Case

YES.TAP Technology is pivotal to providing sustainability at The Edge - the world’s most sustainable office building. It integrates the daily operations so they run smoothly with minimal waste. This way, YES.TAP’s efficient mobile solutions enable employees to directly buy essentially waste-free meals from the high quality food-provider, Bilder & De Clercq (B&DC).

This is done by creating a mobile platform that seamlessly connects the merchant to their customers using innovative technologies such as iBeacon and QR. Employees install the B&DC branded app, and select and pay for their meal with the push of a button. They can also use their phone to scan the meals they want directly from the energy-saving Interactive Shopping Wall.

Studies show that 80% of consumers get 1 to 3 receipts per day and at least 10% are immediately tossed in the trash. For a year, that is 105 million kilograms of instant waste in the US alone. YES.TAP’s app addresses this problem. At the end of the day, employees can show their e-receipt, pick up their meal and go straight home. Furthermore, their receipt is always kept secure and organized in the cloud, and is accessible anytime. Weekly dynamic digital promotions eliminate the need for paper and flyer promotions.

Not only can merchants reduce their environmental footprint, but they can be part of the yearly 150% growth in mobile usage. This allows them to take advantage of customer analytics, to increase sales by sending specials or promotions right to customer’s phone, and to augment customer engagement through interactive QR and iBeacons. Altogether, YES.TAP’s solutions give both merchant and customer the convenience and practicality they need in an extraordinary way.

The ease and simplicity of the app provides a smooth and beautiful customer experience that eliminates the stress commonly associated with technology usage. Change is hard, but technology can make it easier. There is a long road ahead to implementing sustainability into our everyday lives. The Edge is proof that technology can be the vehicle to get us there.