You May Have Missed It: InsuranceTech Startup Has Just Replaced Humans with AI bot, Evia

The moment you have probably been excited about or perhaps afraid of has just arrived. An InsuranceTech startup from Massachusetts has just replaced a human with AI. If you are in the car insurance industry, this might be the right time to start a transition into other field.

We have been looking at InsuranceTech attentively, but AI was really expected to replace traditional wealth management advisors before it replaced insurance agents. Nevertheless, Insurify, a startup out of MIT, today announced the launch of Evia (Expert Virtual Insurance Agent), an artificially intelligent virtual insurance agent that aims to find you better car insurance using a photo of your license plate.

In addition to that, the startup also announced a $2 million seed funding round, led by Rationalwave Capital Partners. But even $2 million in funding fades against the potential opportunity in the $160 billion car-insurance industry.

Insur ...

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