Your IT Department Isn’t to Blame for Wasting Money on AI (You Are)

Let’s flashback to a scenario that some of you may know:

It’s 1999. The CMO of a large community bank needs to build a customer website. So he sends a memo to the CIO: Get us online! One year, (high) six figures, and lots of angry customer emails later, there’s a website that nobody uses. Money = wasted. Who did the CMO blame? The CIO and IT department. Why? For building a bad website.

Here’s another:

It’s 2009. The CFO of a financial services firm agrees that the company needs to figure out mobile. So she approves an enterprise-wide agile training for the IT team, greenlights a bevy of new projects, and brief investors on the expected ROI. One year, seven figures, and plenty of negative app reviews later, there’s a mobile app that nobody will use. Money = wasted (round 2). Blame? Yeah, just like in ‘99, it falls on IT.

Last one:

It’s today. The CEO of a multinational bank hears about artifici ...

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