Zumigo: Leveraging the power of mobile data

Zumigo was co-founded by Chirag Bakshi (CEO) and Partha Chowdhury (VP Developer) in 2008. The company has received a total funding of $4.7 Mn. Zumigo supports Sprint and more than 300 other carriers globally.

Zumigo has built an unique solution that leverages the power of mobile data including locations to solve some of the industry’s toughest challenges. The solution includes:

  • Transaction validation
  • Device authentication
  • Know your customer and device

The patent pending application enables detection of a phone globally, no matter where the phone is on roaming. All the information is drawn from the network without any applications on the phone to enable the phone’s location to be detected. Using a GPS simulator or a wi-fi router it enables to spoof the location of the mobile phone.

Zumigo also has the solution for device authentication. It enables to protect mobile logins. Take the example of a bank account login. The first level of authentication that happens is of a password verfication. Zumigo helps run a whole bunch of network tests to validate the device.

Zumigo also helps in Know your customer and device. It uses the phone billing account and also the name and address associated with it to help this matter. This helps in preventing any fraud and account takeover before it happens.

Zumigo’s mobile data makes any marketing program more relevant to the customers. Zumigo offers a full suite of API’s that can enable any sms, email or mobile application platform to provide location and context based information.

Zumigo also offers a marketing platform called Zumigo Reach. Zumigo Reach can be deployed in two ways: by integrating the API’s or by using the cloud based platform for sms and email. The API’s allow to lookup a single customer location whenever an outbound message is generated .The data can used to generate customer specific offers or to insert the address of the closest store or business location.

Zumigo’s CEO Chirag Bakshi was formerly Vice President, Wireless Messaging at Verisign and Director at apple.

It will be interesting to see how Zumigo grows and enables other mobile apps grow.