7 Most Important Things You Should Know About the Global FinTech Industry

According to Accenture’s report on The Future of FinTech and Banking, global investments in FinTech ventures tripled to $12.21 million in 2014, which means FinTech gained a great momentum and became a hot spot attracting a lot of attention. We have been attentively following FinTech here at LTP and developed an expertise and deep knowledge about the space and players. There are certain crucial things about FinTech each potential entrant and current player has to keep in mind and pay close attention to. As we tapped into the history of watching FinTech and current trends in the space, we have granulated seven most important things to know about FinTech industry.

FinTech startups are hot and international

It’s no surprise that ventures in FinTech tripled last year. Diving into the exploration of FinTech, we have covered 22 hottest FinTech startups from the Silicon Valley and India's 14 hottest FinTech startups to demonstrate a great variety of solutions and disruptive players in international markets. In Q1 2015, the payments sector attracted more than $1.16 billion in investments; 12 companies raised more than $5.6 million in seed funding rounds of which Bringhub raised the highest amount with $2 million in seed funding. Moreover, in the short time span of July-September 2015, FinTech saw $750 million of investments.

As the LTP team is spread around the world to follow the FinTech and be on top of the news about the space, we have noticed an interesting trend of a growing number of FinTech hubs equally active and hot.

Source: FinTech Week London 2015

There is a ...

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