Since 2013, MEDICI has been pioneering the definition and organization of the new global FinTech industry for the benefit of enterprises, startups and investors.

Over the years, it has been a story of numerous Firsts in FinTech!

We were the first independent source of data-driven research dedicated to covering FinTech innovation globally, published every day since August 25th, 2013, now offering an archive of 5000+ insights for the benefit of this new industry.

We built the industry’s first content curation and ecosystem collaboration platform in 2015. Today, this proprietary technology supports the world’s largest FinTech community of 200,000+ globally across 1000+ enterprises, 15,000+ startups across 50+ sub-segments covering every hub of innovation in every continent.

We launched MEDICI Studio™ in 2018 with a new video platform to enable all the innovators in the industry - from large enterprises to young startups - to showcase their offerings on a global pedestal. This is FinTech’s first such digital platform, where MEDICI’s domain depth amplifies our partners’ messages with the context and credibility they deserve.

And in 2019, MEDICI Inner Circle™ offered FinTech’s first membership program for individuals dedicated to serving this growing global community with the most refined distillation of actionable insights and access to an exclusive selection of resources that makes this community even stronger.

Along the way, we have been guided our mission of creating global economic impact through collaborative innovation in FinTech, which is the single largest enabler of financial wellness for consumers and businesses around the world.


We believe in a collaborative approach to innovation, and to that end we have invested in proprietary technology that brings together ideas and leaders on a daily basis, round the clock, around the world.
And in everything we do, we are committed to complete transparency in all our business practices, with the highest level of integrity in everything we offer our customers and partners.


The easiest way for startups to benefit from MEDICI is to create their company profile and keep it updated. The more you tell us about your company, the better able we are to connect you with your most relevant enterprise partner, customer or investor.

And to stand out in the FinTech noise, you should leverage MEDICI Studio to showcase your product to the global ecosystem with confidence, credibility and context.


We solve specific innovation problems with you. Your customers have high expectations, and you need to collaborate with startups to exceed their expectations. MEDICI helps you find the most relevant innovators to do just that, better + faster + cheaper than anyone else.

Reach out to today to learn about the power of working with the first and the best in FinTech. Hundreds of the largest enterprises around the world have already benefited from a partnership with MEDICI.


MEDICI supports the world’s largest FinTech community. Join in!

Investors, analysts, founders, regulators, students, executives, journalists, consultants, marketeers, service providers, students...anyone who already is, or seeking to enter, the exciting world of FinTech, should sign up for MEDICI Inner Circle™ today!


Global Reach, Local Expertise

We are united by our shared passion for collaborative innovation that advances the human experience, while our diverse perspectives allow us to solve problems and uncover opportunities in unique ways.

Aditya Khurjekar

CEO & Founder

Amit Goel

CSIO & Founder

Nicolo Petrone

Growth Advisor & Founder, MEDICI Europe

Salil Ravindran

Head of Advisory

Shubhrendu Khoche

Senior Advisor, South East Asia

Steven Silva

SVP, Product Advisory

Namrata Narayanan

Head of Product & Design

Giuseppe Marchese

Head of Europe

Joshua Goodman

Director of Operations

Aashish Khullar

Head of Engineering

Francesco Piluso

Strategy & Innovation Manager

Gaurav Khandelwal

Development & Operations Lead

Debmalya Datta

Senior Marketing Manager

Ravi Rathi

Principal, Research

Sulesh Kumar

FinTech Strategy & Research

Chandraditya Gudla

FinTech Strategy & Research

Srivardhan Sugumar

Creative Director

Shibu John

Senior Quality Associate

Kaushal LS

Senior Content Editor

Monika Jose

Senior Content Editor

Nitin Chauhan

Senior Software Engineer

N V D Prasad N

Senior UI Developer

Anil Narayanan P

Sr. QA Automation Engineer

Ravi Yadav

Senior Software Engineer


We are always happy to engage in conversations with partners and prospects as we contribute to building this new industry. Contact us with interview or speaking requests for our leadership team or for facts and figures from MEDICI Research to include in your content with attribution.

Note that we do not publish boilerplate press releases. To partner with us on marketing content that will enrich our global audience, please contact us to explore how we can work together.



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We look for the very best and the most passionate and only those who truly care. Period. Our global team has been built one person at a time, respecting individual aspirations and ensuring alignment with the company’s business objectives.

We don’t hire to fill job openings. We recruit talent to contribute to our shared mission. Let’s build the new global FinTech industry...together!