About Us

MEDICI is your partner in enabling FinTech-at-SCALE to create global economic impact.

We believe FinTech-at-SCALE can only happen when we collaborate. MEDICI is committed to supporting our complex ecosystem and enabling all the stakeholders benefit from this industry’s accelerated growth and its global impact.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a financial institution or an enterprise looking at technology-enabled innovation… MEDICI will help you identify the right technologies, the most relevant startups, and actionable data to differentiate your company in the marketplace and positively impact the millions you serve.

If you are a growing FinTech startup…MEDICI will provide you just the right tools, positioning with the perfect audience, and contextual exposure in the FinTech ecosystem to amplify your company’s message and showcase your product and proposition.

If you are an individual with a vested interest in the FinTech ecosystem (e.g. investor, analyst, business leader, etc.)… MEDICI’s incisive original content, which is backed by curated data and independent research, will help you stay on top of the rapidly evolving FinTech ecosystem.

We understand the importance of innovating and impacting at SCALE. MEDICI will help you get there—faster, smarter, and cheaper—through our exclusive membership programs, advisory offerings, and highly regarded media platform.

To discover why MasterCard, BNP Paribas, UAE Exchange, YES Bank, Payfone, Active.AI, and countless other leading financial institutions and FinTech startups rely on MEDICI to help them create global economic impact, visit our Memberships page.