About Us

MEDICI is your partner in enabling FinTech-at-SCALE to create global economic impact.

FinTech is an enabling capability that has the potential to transform banking and improve the lives of billions much like the railroad transformed many industries in the 19th century. FinTech will only have impact at scale if there is collaboration among FIs/Banks, Startups, Investors and innovations. MEDICI sits at the center of this ecosystem and is committed to fostering collaboration by connecting, sourcing, and advising across the network. Therefore, each and every one of our clients becomes a part of our mission to drive economic impact through better access to technology, capital and opportunity.

Since we started the MEDICI journey five years ago as Let's Talk Payments, our FinTech insights have increasingly become a beacon for innovative growth in the space:


Founders have built and pivoted companies

based on what they read in the daily newsletter


Investors have bought and sold companies

based on the detailed value chains


Banks have launched new products and services

based on MEDICI startup recommendations


Global research organizations have replaced data sources

with MEDICI for better accuracy


The ecosystem at large has come to depend on our independent voice of reason and integrity

for collaborative and impactful innovation in Financial Services


MEDICI has been on the leading edge boldly identifying trends and enabling technology developments for Founders, Investors, Analysts, and Financial Institutions who have succeeded with Tech-first innovation in Financial Services.

We’ve built a robust international reputation based on our intelligent insights, data-driven research, advisory services with a practitioner’s confidence, and organized and actionable content that inspires innovators around the world every day.

Our Industry

The FinTech industry is an enabling force for economic growth globally, and we are committed to nurturing this new innovation playground with the most effective tools and platforms, so all stakeholders can benefit from the shared resources that we provide and our forums for engagement and growth.

MEDICI cannot do this alone. We have already invested more than 75,000 person hours in this shared resource for the industry and will continue to do so in partnership with our customers and contributors.


The MEDICI family of 15th century Florence were important pioneers in culture, finance, and banking. They are credited with important innovations that are in use to this day, such as the letter of credit, the double entry bookkeeping system and the holding company. The MEDICI's leveraged innovative technology to create scale and establish the foundations of banking and finance as we know it today. We carry on this legacy through the MEDICI name and our work bringing the innovations of today into the modern banking system. FinTech has become the disruptive force in financial services, reshaping access to information, services, and capital and reshaping not only finance but also the lives of billions around the globe.


MEDICI Approach

We believe in a collaborative approach to innovation where ideas and leaders are brought together on a daily basis. MEDICI brings together all of the participants in the ecosystem work together, in order to leverage the unique capabilities of each organization and individual.

We are committed to openness in our approach to innovation and transparency in all our business practices, with the highest level of integrity in everything we offer our customers.

Our Commitment to You

MEDICI serves entities and individuals in the world of FinTech, all who are looking to innovate in our expanding ecosystem.

MEDICI partners with FinTech startups by providing opportunities to showcase their leadership in emerging technologies or new experiences through our various media channels, our global incubator/accelerator partnerships, and our exclusive MEDICI Top 21 FinTech awards covering every region of the world. Our proprietary scoring system objectively ranks every startup across 50+ FinTech segments to provide our FI/bank partners a highly curated approach to scouting for the most relevant technologies and solutions. 11,000+ startups are already profiled on MEDICI (and adding everyday), each one benefitting from the context and independent analysis that's so important to make a mark in this new complex industry.

MEDICI partners with financial institutions and enterprises to manage their FinTech-enabled innovation and transformation mandates. MEDICI serves as an extension of staff providing syndicated & custom research, objective benchmarking of gaps in their digital readiness relative to other banks or insurance companies, and providing introductions to relevant startups based on MEDICI proprietary scoring and ranking. This is our most customized offering, with every engagement tailored to meet the needs of the enterprise with bespoke offerings that benefit from the power and reach of the MEDICI network.

MEDICI Inner Circle membership offers investors, analysts and enthusiasts an efficient and actionable alternative to the increasing noise and confusion that seems to grow with every new enabling technology or market trend in FinTech. This offering is designed to provide the most thoughtful and well-researched signals for anyone looking to invest money, time or resources in benefitting from The Next Big Thing by making educated decisions for investment, innovation and growth.

All our memberships come with the MEDICI Satisfaction Guaranty. That’s our old-fashioned promise to serve our exciting new industry.

Our History

We’ve been continuously defining and shaping the contours for the FinTech space for years. People know as a pioneering engine for FinTech, and it’s easy to see why:

  • Filed the first patents for digital wallets

    Our managing partner for MEDICI Advisory filed the first patents in 1994 for digital wallets — what was acquired by Mastercard in 2014 and launched as Masterpass

  • Built the industry’s first mobile payments joint venture

    In 2008-2011, our founder built the industry’s first mobile payments joint venture — what became Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay

  • Founded Money 20/20

    Founded Money 20/20 in 2012, the financial world’s first multi-industry conference, a breakout event that’s now held in three continents and continues to support the expanding FinTech ecosystem

  • Created the first global FinTech blog

    In 2013, we created Let’s Talk Payments, the first global FinTech blog, which now has an audience of over 200K readers and followers.

  • Unparalleled foresight in FinTech

    Our deep research has resulted in unparalleled foresight in several key areas such as: Payments (2012), Crypto-currency (2013), API usage in Banks (2013), and blockchain (2014), among other emerging technologies

  • Empowering innovation in more than 15 FIs

    We are empowering innovation in more than 15 major Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) globally, including managing the entire external innovation program and providing the IP and infrastructure for corporate venturing.

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