TRY FOR FREE Uses AI to Deliver Virtual Assistant Banking Services, Announces $3M Round and Partnerships

Unlike how most of us predict the outcome of something like US presidential elections (and go wrong), our personal finance and money matters need accurate answers. In this age, where millennials expect everything in four clicks, it is also important to provide those accurate answers quickly along with great customer experience. Chatbots, AI, deep learning are the common techniques used by technology startups to develop a communication channel that would work with the digital generation and provide them with advice, action and plans – from what type of savings account/banking products is right for them to what type of investments one needs to make in order to reach their goals. One such startup called is enabling banks to provide conversational banking that involves no browsing, no downloads and no forms. Just chit-chat with a friendly, intelligent, and tireless bot to get balances, view transactions, make payments, get advice, and much more.

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