An Infographic That Explains B2B Opportunity in FinTech

B2B payments are known to be inefficient and expensive. There is an immense need for streamlining settlements and reconciliation of business commerce. At present, the major challenges are international B2B payments, working capital optimization, zero cash visibility and friction in buyer-supplier relations.

Aiming to reduce the challenges in the segment, multiple startups are coming up with solutions for B2B payments. In this infographic, we talk about 28 FinTech firms operating in the B2B space.

Cross-Border B2B Payments: Efficient cross-border B2B payment solutions help B2B corporations conduct business overseas and across borders easily.


Ebury is a London-based startup that works with small businesses that trade internationally. The company makes international B2B payments easy and that too at low cost. The company also provides services like risk management, currency conversion and metal trading to midsized corporate clients.

Funding r ...

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