Cardless ATMs, QR codes to withdraw cash, Millennials, and 3 innovators

Imagine yourself standing in a queue for withdrawing money from an ATM. You have a pre-decided amount showing up on your screen in the form of a QR code and you show that to the ATM QR code reader and the cash gets delivered. No wallets, no more punching in the PIN, amount, and the numerous key pushes. Cash is not going anywhere, atleast not in our lifetimes. So there will be many such solutions in the market that will bring as much convenience to cash-on-demand in situations/places where it is needed. Cloud and Mobility are enabling the next generation of banking and commerce experiences. Cardless ATMs and withdrawing cash without cards are a great example of such innovation.

Many argue that Mobile wallets and cardless ATMs might be solutions looking for a problem. But sometimes we miss the big picture. We are digital immigrants but our kids are digital natives. They have iPads and iPhones in their hand while we had Abacus and TV. Technology companies a ...

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